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The Sweater I Hate Too Much to Even Give Away

Made in Plymouth Galway Highland Heather, color 741, from a hideous pattern that should be burned (and that I had to completely re-write), I decided that I couldn't bear to waste any more of my life knitting the sleeves, so I made cap sleeves instead.


Cap sleeves, of course, make my arms look just like thighs, so this is the only acceptable way to wear it:


It only took about two weeks, during which I was mostly hopeful that somehow it would miraculously turn out all right. Once the back was done, I knew I was wrong. It'll go into the closet as one of those meetings-with-the-City-Council sweaters. Not that I do that. But if I did, this is what I'd wear.


May I ask what pattern you did use for this? It sounds like it was a bad one to follow but I really like the cable down the front and am curious. And I can tell you aren't a fan but, I think it looks great on you!

I think the color and cable are very pretty. It looks nice in you.

You are so funny, in case you didnt' know - I love reading your blog and btw, your knitting is great!! This one was really a challenge - and to make you feel better - no matter how skinny you may be - all arms look fat in knitted garments, IMO. Keep those needles clicking!


I totally love this sweater! Is my taste just all messed up? I think it looks great on you! Oh well, I guess when everything else you make looks so good too, you can afford to be picky!

HUH? You Don't LIKE this sweater? hmmm, maybe it's the Irish in me that makes me love cables so! It's a lovely pattern and if you must throw it away, please tell me the location of the dumpster and the date of intended throwing :-)


No WAY! It's beautiful.

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