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The Must-Have Cardie

Or what is now known as the Must-Bolero.

This is from Paton's Street Smart pattern booklet, and I made it in the Paton's Classic Merino light natural. I gotta say, I LOVE the yarn - it's lightweight, warm, and super soft. You don't need to wear anything under it - no scratchies!

But hell. This thing came out small and short. I effed the gauge up, or didn't light the right candles and say the three magic words, 'cause this was WAY not my size. I futzed with the zipper bands, adding four or five inches of moss stitch and ribbing, and it'll never be noticed from a trotting horse. I love the sweater for what it turned out to be. But it took a little counseling along the way.....




Sigh. At least it's damn soft.


You are amazing!!!

It looks fine. :)

Size, looks way cool on you!

Rachel, I love your blog. I'm knitting the Must Have as well, my first major sweater as well as my first cable project. As I sit knitting the endless buttonband, I look to you for inspiration...same pattern, same yarn, same color, hopefully not so short!

Hello Miss A-Go-Go,

If you don't remember who the heck I am, I'm the gal from SF you said "hi!" to Kira for ya at ArtFibers. Started knitting last November and guess what? I am working on my very own must-have cardigan! I am using Paton's Merino in the Dark Natural, very pretty. I'm cabling! Miraculous!

To get to the point, has Paton's Classic Merino for $4.99 this week, PLUS free shipping on all orders thru 9/12/05 -- no minimum purchase! Inquiring minds want to know!

Wish me luck on the cardigan, I expect it to be completed around Spring 2007,

Terri (formerly known as "I just do stockinette")

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