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Orange Alert

A surefire way to beat those terrorism blues, I present to you Orange Alert.


A little closer:


And a detail :


It was meant to be a cardigan, but I like it so much that I think I'll wear it like this a while, whatcha think? I can always steek it later.....

Made with Paton's Classic Merino in Paprika. It's knitted in the round from the bottom up. I roughly used Bonne Marie's rolled neckline from the Ribby Cardie and I stole those front cables right off my Must-Have. And the raglan decreases, although I'd like to take credit for them, are straight from a brilliant free pattern from Spelling Tuesday. So nothing's really original, but I made the cake with some great ingredients, huh? Yippee!


May I just say - - wowza! I love the collar on this, and your cablework in general is nothing short of amazing. Gorgeous stuff!

Great work! I think your sweater is original because of the way you put all the pieces together. I'm very impressed with your knitting.

It IS an original and it's gorgeous. And thanks for the hot water bottle "recipe" as well. I'm off to find the pattern from which you got those great raglan decreases.

I just took a look at the other sweaters on your site -- I love them! You are a creative and PROLIFIC knitter -- very cool. I even liked the sweater you hated -- the light green one with the interesting cable up the front. I will take your warning about the pattern seriously, but can I ask: what pattern was it?

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