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Lacy Thingie



Specs: Soy Silk, from the boys, color unknown. The only green/yellow one (it wasn't printed on the ball). 3 skeins, just. Gauge: 5st/in. Needles: 5US. I do love that it's made from leftover tofu. That's kinda cool. And it's softer than it has any right to be.

I used a feathery lace pattern on the bottom (from the bottom of Bella) and then just did a Shapely Tank-ish top, throwing in one lace repeat in which to lace the ribbon. I kinda made it to camp in, but it’s WAY too fancy.


Your work is so consistently fantastic! I love the colors of this one as well as the shape of course. I'm trying to find this soy silk on Threadbear right now ... I may need to purchase some.

And Rachael wows us with another beautiful creation! [Applauds madly.] I *so* love that ribbon tie; there's a top I've been wanting to do with a crocheted tie and this picture has convinced me that I must have it. Such a Rachael wannabe, I am.

P.S. You always look so incredible in your photos. Lucky ducky.

I love it!!!
I love your work!

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