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Artfibers Alpaca


Yes, it's rather a cleavagey sweater. I did have that in mind when I made it (nice side note: At Stitches, Interweave Knits' Sandi said she liked it and would like to see something from me! Woot! I don't know if I'm up to the math, but there are programs that would help with that, I'm sure.... What's your favorite?)

Yarn: ArtFibers Jadis, alpaca -- It was made as a store model for them.
Pattern: Made it up, and took the fair isle design from an out of print book called Fabulous Fair Isle.  Kira at the store will be able to use their software to design the same pattern for you iffen you want, and I'm going to write a page of mods for the fair isle/crochet bits.

The obligatory, and rather manic, Rachael (I was running late for work, as usual):


On the bed:


And a close up of the actual color:


Yep, that's a crocheted border edging that came out of desperation. For some reason I thought a three row moss stitch border wouldn't roll. And then it rolled (surprise! gotcha!) and I freaked out, thinking, oh, man, this was free yarn, shop-model yarn, I better fix it. So I slapped the crochet on, and it's the part that people seem to like best. Who knew? I'm pretty happy with it.


Gorgeous! I'll look for it next time I'm at ArtFibers. I assume it will be on prominent display?

This is a striking sweater - not just for the neckline either. The fairisle nicely sets off the main body and yarn and the shaping is nice. The crochet edging makes it! You really should do the math and get it submitted.

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