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Handspun Hat


Hats NEVER look good on me, and I do mean never. The next hat I make from my own yarn will go right to Dulaan, but I've got my greedy little fingers in this one, and I can't let it go.

I'm just going to jot down the pattern I used for the hat, since it worked well, and I don't want to forget it:

At 5st/inch, on size 6 US, cast on 100, join, work k2p2 for six inches, then k7k2tog around, then one row in pattern, then k6k2tog around, then one row in pattern, continue like this until just about done, k2 around, yarn through remaining stitches twice, pull, weave in ends. Bam. Hat is done. Now your head is warm, right?


Hi, didn't catch your name, but you look cute in the hat, it is me that never looks good in a hat!!!
Love your knitting! that strappy top is soooo cute.......

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