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Pattern: Flame Cardigan from Vogue Spring/Summer 2005
Yarn: Old stashed merino/angora I think?
Gauge: 32st over pattern repeat
Needle size: 6US

And from the back:


I chose to not add that funky crochet bit between the ribbing and the upper pattern, and I lengthened the ribbing, 'cause I'm just not a cropped kinda gal. And you remember when I messed up that sleeve pattern? You can't tell. If you see me at the Sheep and Wolf Estival, you might pick it out, but not from a trotting horse. Or as Janine says, "If you're that close, you'd better be putting money in my garter belt." Or something like that.

And the Iris:


This is, without a doubt, my favorite sweater I've ever made.


The sweater is BEAUTIFUL! You should be very proud of yourself. It looks professional and personal, at the same time!

I found you when googling for a hot-water bottle cover for Xmas gifts. I read all through your posts and you have some beautiful knitting going on. Thanks for sharing!

THAT sweater pattern is the Summer VK? I had no idea. Your mods/modeling have turned a forgettable pattern into something awesome! Thank you!

Hey, I was just looking through some old Knitty articles and stumbled onto your "Knitting is Sexy." This sweater is great; I love the pattern.

Love the cardi on you. You look fabulous dahling.
Was it difficult to make? I have noticed alot of corrections posted for that pattern and it kinda looked confusing. I'd love to know if you had trouble.

That sweater is absolutely beautiful! Your modifications to Vogue's pattern are all vast improvements.

I love this sweater and need to get my hands on the backcopy of Vogue! Thank you for the great photos and the bit about lengthening the torso!

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