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Pattern: Mine. Wheee! 40 inch chest, raglan shaping until the sleeve cap ran out, then a k2p2 neck rib until I liked the look of it.
Yarn: Peruvian Highland, from Elann in Malt Heather, 14 balls used.
Needles: 4US


Shown: Both front and back of sleeves. I like the underside of the sleeves -- I wasn't sure how to fill in the space as I increased the sleeve width, and I was too lazy to deal with fudging another cable pattern, so I threw in k1tbl separated by single purls as the space allowed, stopping at a total of 11 k1tbls. Makes for a cushy elbow.


And on Joni, the  giftee:


Doesn't she look adorable?



wow! very nice sweater! my hat off to you and all those cables :)

How I envy people who can design something this intricate and complicated! What an absolutely wonderful sweater. Be proud and be happy :) ~Sharon

I enjoy how we stated you were encouraged by way of a bevelled reflection.

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