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Lace Shawl Thingie

    Digit says he's never been fed, ever.


Yarn: Mine! Woot! It's a blend of merino and silk, about 80/20, I think, hunted and gathered at Deep Color in Kensington, spun into very thin singles and plied into a sockweight yarn. I loved the pinks mixed with the greens.
Pattern: Mine! Well, with a liberal dose of Barbara Walker, volume 2. I just pulled out two lacey things I liked and put 'em together, garter at edge and borders. I didn't write it down, I apologize, but you could totally do the same kind of thing with similar results.

    Why, hello!

A longer shot:

    What you can't see is the lace skirt with cowboy boots.

    Yes, this is after dinner. Thus the blurredness.


The lace shawl thingie is awesome. Great pattern choices. I laughed when I saw the caption for the picture of your cat- my wee beasties say the same thing whenever I'm in the kitchen.

That's beautiful! I'd almost describe it as looking vintage - I'm not sure if it's the pattern or the colour.

I have a cat who complains she's never been fed, ever, too.

That is GORGEOUS. I want the pattern!! Is it public or did you buy it somewhere? You really are awesome.

I have no idea how i got here, but you are awesome!!!

I wish i could make my own clothes.

I have 3 cats who've never been fed - ever- and they're so Skinny!!!!!
................not........... :-)
I love your knitting -how creative to just take stitch patterns and jump in. I don't know if I'm that brave yet, but I'm working on it.

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