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Roman Snuggly

Ecco la:

    The Double-Barrelled Em. (click for big)

    The Oh Jayzus I Hate Back Pics Pose


My camera is giving up the ghost, finally, but you can see more of the detail here.


Pattern: Vogue 2006 Spring Summer, from Roman Holiday section. Watch the chart, it's kinda ballsed-up in a few places. Use common sense.
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly. Don't laugh. It's washable and cool, yo.
Size: Largest size, 44 bust I think. I've forgotten already and I'm too lazy to check.
Needles: 4US
Mods: I didn't add that twee little collar, because while on twiggy there in the mag it looked great, my cleavage needs no further attention drawn to it.

Conclusion: I love it! It's lightweight, comfy, and cute. I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one.


You have some amazing knitting on your site! You have a good eye for color and what will look very nice on you and others. How do you find time to knit so much? I'd love to know because I have more than 15 projects to work on now and I would love to find time to finish them. I'll be adding this to my bloglines.


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