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Lace On The Cheap

I've been loving this sweater -- it's just right for throwing over a tee-shirt, wearing with jeans or a skirt.....



Yarn, GET THIS, is Peaches'n'Cream cotton. I think it cost about nine or ten dollars to make. Yowza!

Pattern, my own. I used the Barbara Walker's Horseshoe pattern and knitted it from the bottom up, with raglan seams. I swatched, measured how wide each repeat was, measured a favorite sweater and knit it to that. I finished it off with a row of single crochet all the way around, and made up some funky crocet edging for the front. I planned on adding buttons, but I like the hairclip closure, or the ribbon..... (No, I didn't write up the pattern, but I know you can do it. Pick a motif you like, knit bottom up, join the sleeves that you made first, decrease in raglan till it reaches your neck and cast off. Really. Play around.)

The neckline was an experiment, but I like how it turned out:


And from the back:


Our camera has this function where you can program it to take 10 rapid-fire pictures. This feature lends itself to hilarity, especially when you go back through them and realize that your wife was standing behind you NOT MOVING, looking exactly like this, for ten shots, and you didn't know it.


Yep. Good times.


This is fantastic use of the yarn - and I love the ribbon!

That last photo is hilarious! What a devilish grin!

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