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La Durrow!

Is complete!


I finally got around to joining the arms to the body, and from then on, finishing was a breeze. Especially since I was sick and had so much time to sit around and make yoke decreases. Boy, did I catch up on the TV I'd missed while being away.

Pattern: Durrow, by Jodi Green, available free
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted, color kiwi, six skeins used
Needles: 7US to gauge 18st/4in

I had read on blessed Ravelry that some people didn't love the fit of the neck, that it was a little wide, and I didn't want to start messing with arm-hole and sleeve shaping, so I did the whole thing in the round, joined the arms and body at the armhole, knit an inch, then decreased for a raglan every other row until it looked right. I did a neck a la Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop, raglan style. Turned out to fit her perfectly, and I'm thrilled.


She chose the color, and while it's wild and some people couldn't carry it off, it looks perfect on her. Color is more true in this picture:


She likes it! She really likes it! Plus, it makes her look like she has guns. Not that she isn't muscular, because she IS. But her shoulders look BUILT under those cables. Yep. Sexay.


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