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110-23 Drops

This is the artistically named 110-23 sweater by DROPS. On the model, it looks like a lovely bell-shaped sweater. Bells work well on me in theory. I had high hopes.

Photo 319

But in practice, it is only rather meh. It is not bell-shaped; it is ball-shaped. It's an excellent writing-at-home sweater. I love that the yarn (Paton's Classic Merino) is soft enough to wear next to the skin, although I know it will inevitably pill awfully. I love the three wooden toggles I got at Lacis.

I love the detail at the yoke/neck:

Photo 307

But the rest, yeah, just okay. I wouldn't recommend the pattern, but if you're making it, you might as well finish. How's that for faint praise?


No - I LOVE it! I think it's very flattering on you also. I 'm going to Drops now to find it. I see what you mean about the not-ball-shape, but gosh, I just love it.
Thanks for putting it up so we can see what it really looks like. :0)

So after looking at the pattern no wonder you're underwhelmed. But I think yours is just terrific. I think I like it better. :0)

I thought this sweater - 'bell-shaped' thingie - looked fantastic in a sort of Victoria drawing room way. It actually was more appealing on you than on the model; it looked to floppy on the model for the pattern.

I went to Drops to get that pattern; I won't be starting on it right away, I have to spin the wool first, but maybe by next spring/summer, I will also be happily bell-shaped with you, and possibly be a lot more elegant, as well.

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