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Sweaterbabe Lace Wrap



Pattern: Lace Wrap Sweaterbabe #112

Yarn: Brooks Farm Mas Acero

Needles: US 7

Sadly, I'm just not happy with it. I've taken a few pictures, and trust me, it looks optimal in these. You might leave nice comments that it looks fine, yadda yadda, but truly, these are the best of the bunch. The fit isn't right, and I just don't know how to adjust it so that it is. I might be almost ready to give up (after wearing it for a couple of days and not liking how I felt in it).

I love the yarn --gorgeous, drapey stuff. And I like the IDEA of the pattern. It just didn't really work on me. Honestly.

But I can still grab a cat when necessary:


And hold it, too:


See, the problem is it slides off my shoulders at just the wrong times. And when fastened differently (it won't just hang open, not on my frame), it makes my hips look HYOOGE:


Those are not my hips! I don't know what they are!


Hello, WTF with the break in color at the mid-tricep? I have no idea.

Now, I have normal body issues about normal body parts, but one thing I'm sure of is this: my hips are not too big. Nor would I mind if they were. I'd love to take some padding off other parts and put it on my hips. This sweater is lying, and I don't like untrustworthy sweaters.

I'm not pleased. But that's okay. There is more yarn in the world, and I have some of it. More to follow.


Try tying it at the left shoulder, not the waist. The visual and the drape would be interesting.

If Eileen's suggestion doesn't work for you, I think I'd rip it and find a different pattern to knit.
Sometimes no amount of "floofing" and pinning differently, and standing carefully will fix the problem. :0/
Oh, yeah, and the hips thing? Definitely no -hips-looking-bigger! On to happier creations....

You're right...the sweater LIES!
So cute from the back...can you steek the entire front hip expanding lower section? The stitch pattern's great...just too much fabric at the bottom detracting from gorgeous you!

Hi from Australia
I have knitted this wrap and its perfect. I made it for my mother and she cried when she opened the parcel when it was delivered to her.
Now I'm on number 2 for myself. It took me three goes to get it perfect but I changed a few things, like making the sleeves longer and adding an extra pattern to the sleeve. I knitted it in red 12ply australin soft yarn and now knitting it in grey fleck for my self. Another thing I didn't decrease at all for the back section it made a huge difference. Give it another go, as a knitter this pattern tested me and my temper came out several time. LOL good luck if your going to make it again. Oh your books are amazing, I'm just reading Lucy's kiss thanks for this great blog.

Good to know. I have narrow shoulders, huge tracks of land (old Monty Python for boobs) and junk in the trunk. I'd been thinking of making one of these but doesn't sound like I would be pleased with it.

Your cat is precious.

I agree with Jeannie. It's no sin to rip it out, if you like the yarn - why give away the yarn or send it to the Goodwill? Rip it out and knit something else. When I started ripping things out, it was liberating and the second attempts with a beautiful yarn can leave you with a special garment that's been through a lot with you.

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