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Eliza's Wedding Shawl

I finally get to show you this, for reals! In Book Three (Wishes and Stitches: A Cypress Hollow Yarn , out in October), the pattern is a lace shawl. Specifically, it's Eliza Carpenter's Wedding Shawl pattern. (Only, as I'm new at lace, I hired the uber-talented Romi to design what I  wanted, because I didn't want to lead you down the muddled path I'd have taken you on.)

I needed to make a cream prototype for the photo for the book, so I cast on in some gorgeous Verb yarn. That very day, I heard that my agent and friend Susanna was engaged. It immediately became HER shawl, and I loved knitting it, putting good wishes for her marriage into the fiber as I worked it. And it turned out gorgeous, I think.


She gets married on Saturday, and I know it's the beginning of a wonderful married life (I adore the man she's marrying, as well).


It's beautiful! I've just finished reading and enjoying all three of the Cypress Hollow Yarns, and am so looking forward to trying to knit this shawl, once I finish up the assorted Christmas presents that are half done.
Are you ever going to publish the pattern separate from the book? It would be nice to have it in a larger format.

just excellent. it would glow over red gown

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