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Lacy Baktus

This is the Lacy Baktus, and I made it in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Long Print LP (sexy name, right? Rolls right off the tongue) in Apple Prchid. Yes, that's the what the label says. That can't be Apple Orchid, since that doesn't make any sense. They mean Apple Orchard, don't they? Because that's the color I see in this.

It's fun. I haven't blocked it -- probably never will. It doesn't seem to need it.(And it was FAST! Not more than a couple of weeks of not much knitting.)


It even (and I didn't expect this, it being lacy and all) looked good on Lala.


I went out to lunch with Clara Parkes while wearing it, and she took this photo:


(Hang on! Did you see that thing I just dropped? Wait, let me get it; it was a name.... But I know. Clara Parkes! She's a peach. I mean a Prchea. And she wrote the lovely, lovely foreword for A Life in Stitches, and I'm lucky.)


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