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I love my new sweater. 


I love everything about this sweater. I love its asymmetry (ribbed collar on one side only! shorter on left than right!) and its color and its softness and its warmth. 

Most of all, I loved the difficulty level of it. I haven't knitted anything this hard in years and years. I had to pay attention so much of the time (do NOT attempt while drinking wine -- ask me how I know), and often you're doing four things at once (you really have to be careful and read ahead or you'll miss that all-important AT THE SAME TIME and the one below it, too). It's a Cocoknits pattern, and I think Julie's clothes are just so damn wearable (I've made three of hers now and I love them all). 


Really, it doesn't get better than a knitting party in the hallway, right? Yarn/details are over at Ravelry, for the curious. 


Love that sweater! My first thought was to wonder how many times you lost your cable needle knitting it. Then I remembered THAT's why I switched to the J shaped kind. Hook it in the lower knitting until needed again :D

its beautiful. just finished the pattern Vivian and this sweater reminds me of it & you are so right, no wine or plan on frogging!

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