Lacy ChickamiJune 12, 2004


I used about three and a half skeins of.... Oh, that's embarrassing. I can't find a ball-band. I bought it in Downtown Yarns in NY with Em and Cari and Iris -- anyone remember what it was? I think it started with an A. Lord. This is why I don't have children. The lace pattern is just one I liked out of a book, started at inch 12 and carried up to the top. Tres simple, tres BonneMarie!

Dude.May 29, 2004



Pattern: Raglan Generator for measurements, 3x1 rib everywhere but at cuffs and neck, where it’s 2x2.
Yarn: Plymouth Galway Highland Heather, color 704, approx. 10 skeins.
Needles: 5US
Gauge: 5st/inch

Lacy ThingieMay 14, 2004



Specs: Soy Silk, from the boys, color unknown. The only green/yellow one (it wasn't printed on the ball). 3 skeins, just. Gauge: 5st/in. Needles: 5US. I do love that it's made from leftover tofu. That's kinda cool. And it's softer than it has any right to be.

I used a feathery lace pattern on the bottom (from the bottom of Bella) and then just did a Shapely Tank-ish top, throwing in one lace repeat in which to lace the ribbon. I kinda made it to camp in, but it’s WAY too fancy.

Bella CardieMay 4, 2004


Bella, cardigan version (included in directions), size 45 finished bust
Yarn: 9 balls Rowan Calmer, color 479
Needles: 5US
Gauge: 5st/inch

I love this cardie. It’s light and so soft, and it just feels good to wear. I added some blue shell buttons I picked up at MDS&W. Do take Joan’s suggestion, though, and add a hook-and-eye at the closure, or you’ll be safety-pinning it, like me. I’ll get around to it. Someday.

StrappyApril 7, 2004



It's a wee bit strappy for modest ole me, but I like the fit and I love the softness. I could imagine doing a couple more o'these.

Pattern: Spring/Summer 2004 Vogue Knitting.
Yarn: 4(ish) skeins Lion-Brand Microspun (color 144). A little splitty, but adequate for pattern.
Gauge: 19st/4in
Needles: 5(US)

Noro PrepMarch 31, 2004


How MUCH do we love Kureyon? Come on, just too much. Ain't that right?

Pattern: Retro Prep, Interweave Knits, Fall 2002
Yarn: 9 balls Noro Kureyon 55 from the Threadbear Boys
Gauge: 24 st/4 inch
Needle size: 3US

Bethy's Travel SweaterFebruary 18, 2004


Made for Bethany's birthday sweater to match Christy's Harry Rogers, I used the Raglan Generator (love that thing) and yarn from the Boys , Cascade 220 (they know the colors, I don't), cardiganized it and stuck in a zipper. Yow! Hope she likes....

Orange AlertJanuary 7, 2004

A surefire way to beat those terrorism blues, I present to you Orange Alert.


A little closer:


And a detail :


It was meant to be a cardigan, but I like it so much that I think I'll wear it like this a while, whatcha think? I can always steek it later.....

Made with Paton's Classic Merino in Paprika. It's knitted in the round from the bottom up. I roughly used Bonne Marie's rolled neckline from the Ribby Cardie and I stole those front cables right off my Must-Have. And the raglan decreases, although I'd like to take credit for them, are straight from a brilliant free pattern from Spelling Tuesday. So nothing's really original, but I made the cake with some great ingredients, huh? Yippee!

Harry Rodgers

Hey, the Super Secret gift is given!



My sister LOVES Harry Potter and Mr. Rodgers, so I used the Raglan Generator (love that thing) and yarn from the Boys , Cascade 220, cardiganized it and stuck in a zipper. Warning: DON'T WASH THIS IN A MACHINE. Even cold, on gentle. Or a part of it, a small part, might felt a little and make your life hell for a short while. But she loved it, and I loved giving it. Whoopeeee!

OlallieberryDecember 26, 2003


From BonneMarie's pattern (she's so reliably terrific that I set my knit clock to her) and done in Jo Sharp SilkRoad Aran Tweed (merino wool, silk, and a touch of cashmere). Yowza! My new fave.

The Must-Have CardieDecember 14, 2003

Or what is now known as the Must-Bolero.

This is from Paton's Street Smart pattern booklet, and I made it in the Paton's Classic Merino light natural. I gotta say, I LOVE the yarn - it's lightweight, warm, and super soft. You don't need to wear anything under it - no scratchies!

But hell. This thing came out small and short. I effed the gauge up, or didn't light the right candles and say the three magic words, 'cause this was WAY not my size. I futzed with the zipper bands, adding four or five inches of moss stitch and ribbing, and it'll never be noticed from a trotting horse. I love the sweater for what it turned out to be. But it took a little counseling along the way.....




Sigh. At least it's damn soft.

The Sweater I Hate Too Much to Even Give AwayNovember 5, 2003

Made in Plymouth Galway Highland Heather, color 741, from a hideous pattern that should be burned (and that I had to completely re-write), I decided that I couldn't bear to waste any more of my life knitting the sleeves, so I made cap sleeves instead.


Cap sleeves, of course, make my arms look just like thighs, so this is the only acceptable way to wear it:


It only took about two weeks, during which I was mostly hopeful that somehow it would miraculously turn out all right. Once the back was done, I knew I was wrong. It'll go into the closet as one of those meetings-with-the-City-Council sweaters. Not that I do that. But if I did, this is what I'd wear.

Wave-Shell Shawl Knit-AlongOctober 22, 2003

Whoops! Almost forgot to post pictures! Done in yummy Cascade Indulgence, she turned out all right, you think? I made it wider by two repeats and way longer than called for, used up four balls of yarn:


And so soft:


Noro RaglanOctober 8, 2003

This is Stef's great top-down raglan pattern, using Lisa's fabulous crocheted steeks, in Noro Kureyon #91. Before steeks:


And after (minus buttons, I'll get those soon):



Booga BoogaSeptember 22, 2003


The Booga J bag! In Noro Kureyon #88, dontcha just love it? Yum. This was for sister Christy's bday. Doubles as hat in Berkeley in case of emergency.


LoTechSeptember 16, 2003


This is the awesome LoTech Sweat from Bonne Marie. What can I say about her? It was worth the EIGHT pieces being worked separately, because it really is as soft and cozy as it looks. If I didn't have six other things planned, I'd make another immediately. Also for myself. I'm selfish that way. (I just used plain ole Lion's Brand Kitchen Cotton in Maize, and I adore it.)


Wendy's Toe-Ups


Finally finished a pair of Wendy's fabulous toe-up socks. And if I ever use size 0 (US) needles again, somebody step on my foot. HARD. These took for-freaking-ever. They are nice, I admit, and the weft is dense and satisfying. But it doesn't make up for the stress of looking at them for what felt like (and probably was) weeks.

CableChicKamiAugust 16, 2003

I know I've bastardized the hell out of it, but here’s my CableChicKami. (again, thanks to Bonne Marie) I cabled the bottom, as well as the wide straps, and raised the back. Whoo hoo! Somebody stop me.


Baby ChicKami

Made with Baby Bernat in cotton, using Bonne Marie's awesome pattern. It has a few mocha coffee spots on the front, and I'm a little alarmed at how the stripes in the bust kind of striped out into wide swathes of solid color, but it's cozy and soft. I used the fabulous wide strap version, but I raised the neck in the back.


Okay, weird pose. I was in a hurry to go to work.

Mindless RaglanAugust 3, 2003


I was just trying to get a sweater to fit me like Bethany's did. Didn't quite happen, but close. Made in very soft Bernat's Denim Style with the Incredible Raglan Generator.

BAWK - Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Bottleneck Avenger Who'sKnit:


My own design! I tell ya, this just begs cramps to happen. Pattern HERE.

Baby Cardie


From an old pattern I bought at an unknown store..... Cute little thing, ain't it? It Bernat baby cotton. Just needs buttons.....

Bethany's Sweater


This one my sister Bethany made for ME! Can you believe it? It's the first real big project she attempted, and it fits me better than anything I've ever made for myself.....

ChicKami & Shapely Tank


From Bonne Marie's terrific pattern in CottonEase.

And from White Lies Designs, the Shapely Tank, done in Horstia Tweed (which itches a little, I gotta tell ya):


Boxy Cable


Made from Beth Dearinger's pattern in Donegal tweed.

Philosopher's Wool Fairisle Kilim Jacket


This was a bitch to make, and to finish. Better known as the Damned Fairisle, I'll never do another PW project - not because it isn't beeyooteeful, but because it's just not my style and I don't live anywhere near the snow. But I'm proud of it.

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